Alkalinity or Acid: Which Do You Want In Your Body?

Alkaline or Acidic: WTpH?

You are being asked to guzzle a glass full of acid. Do you chug it down, or do you emphatically decline because you are quite sure acid is not good for internal organs? Now, before reading any further, get far away from whoever asked you to drink acid.

Alkaline is the opposite of Acidic. That’s chemistry. pH is the measurement that designates a substance as alkaline, acidic, or neutral. That is the science of chemistry.

Acid is also known as “burns skin off bone” or “scars metals,” while alkaline is also known as alkali or base.

Please note that “neutral” is, as previously mentioned, one of the three pH measurements, but DetoxifyU (mostly) excommunicates neutral from this writ because a neutral pH (exactly 0.0) is very rare compared to alkaline pHs (all those above 0.0) and acidic pHs (all those below 0.0). How do you feel about being ignored, Neutral? Oh, good, you have no strong feeling one way or the other.

Everything and Everyone Has One

Everything in the world has a measurable pH that is either (neutral or) acidic or alkaline; when Random-Piece-of-Food is put into the digestive tract, Random-Piece-of-Food definitely has a measurable pH, and that pH can only be (neutral or) acidic or alkali.

The question then becomes, which do you want in your body: acidity or alkalinity?

The answer to the preceding question seems easy because the answer is easy: Alkalinity is much healthier. But, unfortunately, the body’s pH is not a common topic of conversation, nor is the pH inside the body something you are likely to hear about from your doctor. Why not? DetoxifyU has no idea, but others’ silence in regard to acidity and/or alkalinity does not negate the clear scientific fact that everything we ingest has a pH before, during, and after interacting with our digestive organs.

Since Everything has a pH before, during, and after, it makes sense to try to grasp how pH affects our bodies.

The Math of 100%

Because Everything has a pH inside the body (and "everything" is not hyperbole), that means 100% is the number we get to divide.

100% of that which we ingest will either become an alkali or an acid inside the body. If 60% of the foods & liquids you choose to ingest become alkaline inside the body, that means the other 40% will become acidic; if 80% become alkaline, that means 20% become acidic, and so on.

Why is this easy math helpful? Because, hopefully, the takeaway from this writ will be that the more alkaline our bodies are, the better our bodies are at detoxificiation, immune response, and prevention of illness & disease. So, the closer we get to 100% ingestion of alkaline-forming foods, the better.

You (The Hero) vs. The Enemies

So, again, since 100% of everything definitely has a pH inside the body, the question is: Which do you want inside your body, acids or alkalis? Alkalis. That makes acids the enemies.

As the hero in this story… hang on, is calling you a hero some corny metaphor to stroke your ego? No. You are the only one who has the ultimate power to defeat the enemies, and, therefore, you are the only hero this story can possibly have.

Isn’t the fight against the enemies already won? You declined to drink acid, and you are obviously not going to willingly ingest acid in the future. Done. Simple. The hero wins, the acidic enemies have been thwarted.

That brings us to the twist in the plot!

The pH a food or liquid has when it is outside of the body will often change to a radically different pH when said food or liquid interacts with our inside-the-body chemistry. Shape-shifting pHs, what a twist!

Examples of pH transformations: Outside the body, beef is an ace of base, but when it interacts with our inside-the-body chemistry, beef is highly acid-forming. Outside the body, lemon juice is very acidic, but when lemon juice interacts with our inside-the-body chemistry, lemon juice is very much alkaline-forming.

An emphatic emphasis throughout DetoxifyU Cycles:

  • Alkaline-forming = helpful for detoxification (and healthy).
  • Acid-forming = not helpful for detoxification (and, often, not healthy).

Alkaline-forming and acid-forming are distinctions made for inside-the-body chemistry. Since the “forming” actions only happen when a bit of food or liquid interacts with the digestive tract, the hero’s role in defeating the acidic enemies becomes very clear: Figure out which foods & liquids are alkaline-forming, which are acid-forming, and, then, decide which ones you want to put into your body.

Short Lists pHor pHun:

As a general guideline, DetoxifyU Cycles highly recommend making alkaline-forming foods & liquids at least 75% of all that which is ingested.

Alkaline-Forming: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, extracted juices from fruits and vegetables, olive oil.

Acid-Forming: beef, poultry, all processed food items (processed foods = breads, cereals, sugar, dairy, cookies, candies, cakes, soda, alcohols).

After the Plot Twist

Oh, there's a few hands up in the back of the Internet. Yes?

Questioner #1: "Is there any way to pHigure out, before ingestion, whether a food or liquid will be acid-forming or alkaline-forming when when that food or liquid interacts with our digestive tract?"

DetoxifyU says: "Knowledge combined with experience (or check the list). Once familiar with the overall concept of acid-forming compared to alkaline-forming, it becomes mostly clear which foods are which and what side of the pH divide general categories of foods are found."

Questioner #2: “What about stomach acid? Acid can’t be bad if it’s already in our stomach. Like, would you try to make it through the week without stomach acid, DetoxifyGoof?”

DetoxifyU says: "Stomach acid (AKA gastric acid) is not the same as acid-forming; these are two separate internal machinations. Stomach acid is critical to digestion; we need stomach acid to survive and thrive. "Acid-forming" (and "alkaline-forming”) refers to the pH a food or liquid becomes when it interacts with gastric acid and other digestive enzymes inside our digestive tract (the digestive tract being comprised of the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine)."

Questioner #2: “But I love chocolate, and you can’t stop me from eating it!”

DetoxifyU says: "I agree, Shameless Plugs, eat what you want. By the way, have you tried the delicious DetoxifyU All-Vegan Chocolate Smoothie? Or the DetoxifyU All-Vegan Chocolate Pie?"

Questioner #2: “My name isn’t Shameless Plugs, it's Quest Shinner Nummertoo.

Where The Fun Is

If you feel acid-forming foods & liquids seems to be where most of the real fun is, then DetoxifyU believes you should have that fun. Feast on Godiva chocolates, eat Angus beef, drink Skyy Vodka; enjoy your meals and snacks!

Improving detoxification is not about changing everything you are presently doing; wholesale change can be very stressful, and stress is likely as toxic as any burger you may eat. Even DetoxifyU’s most strident detoxification recommendations -- the DetoxifyU Cycles -- do not ask you to ingest 100% alkaline-forming foods & liquids, so there is certainly space for chocolate or beef or vodka.

Improved detoxification can happen with small changes to the menu. Remember the easy math of 100%. If your current intake is 40% alkaline-forming and 60% acid-forming, then altering your intake to make it a 50/50 split will improve detoxification within the body.

Small changes in your body’s pH can reap good health rewards if your body is able to remove just a few more molecules of that which does not belong the body, i.e. viruses, pathogens, heavy metals, etc.

Get It and Then Do What You Want

DetoxifyU’s subjective opinion on all health matters, including acid-forming vs. alkaline-forming:  Get the information and, then, do what you want to do.

What isn’t a subjective opinion is that anything and everything you put into your body will become a pH that is (neutral or) acidic or alkaline when interacting with your digestive tract; DetoxifyU pHeels it is surely a healthy positive to be aware of this pHact as you plan your personal menu.

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