How Doctors Can (Often) Fail Us

The Fundamental Truth

Health care, at its most basic, is about:

  • 1.) That which does/doesn't go into the body, e.g. foods, liquids, air, chemicals, medicines.
  • 2.) That which does/doesn't exit the body, e.g. wastes, sickness, disease.

That’s it. The two numbered statements above are The Fundamental Truth when considering health practices, whether “Western Medicine” or “Eastern Medicine” or "Home Remedies" or "Voodoo."  The Fundamental Truth was true 1000 years ago, it is true today.

If you do not believe your body and health are subject to the two tenets of The Fundamental Truth, then welcome to our modest planet; humans aren’t as gonzo as we may initially seem from your alien perspective.


DetoxifyU believes three of the following four statements are true. You can pinpoint which is false.

  • DetoxifyU and medical professionals are aimed at the same goal: Good health.
  • Medical professionals should love DetoxifyU.
  • DetoxifyU loves medical science and medical professionals.
  • Spinach can grow at subzero temperatures because penguin droppings are magical fertilizer.

DetoxifyU loves medical advancement and effective medicine. Doctors and pharma are not the enemies. The enemies are viruses, pathogens, parasites, and bad bacteria [a.k.a The Bads]. Many medicines either protect us from The Bads or help our bodies attack The Bads. That's good.

Now, let's slam our faces into why medical science at all levels, in all countries, should love DetoxifyU...

If someone is infected with a sickness, physicians do not physically remove the sickness from the body. Physicians can prescribe medicines or give advice to try to help the body remove the sickness, but only the body itself can eliminate from the body that which does not belong in the body.

What parts of the body can the body use to purge The Bads from itself? The blood, the liver, the kidneys, the colon, the lungs: AKA the organs and tissues of elimination.

Let’s reiterate: No matter how God-like the team of physicians making the diagnosis, no matter how fantastic the magic pills or beans prescribed, no matter how advanced the technology, no matter how intensive or extensive the care and therapy, there will come a time when the body has to purge from the body that which does not belong in the body.

The Fundamental Difference in Approach :: DetoxifyU vs. Medical Practitioners

When DetoxifyU talks of what to put into the body, we talk of foods & liquids & herbs that are meant to help the organs of elimination. This means that DetoxifyU fully embraces both sides of The Fundamental Truth: Ingest The Goods when possible, and eliminate The Bads, from the body, as completely as possible.

When Medical Practitioners talk of what to put into the body, they focus almost exclusively on what to give you (or do to you) to attack and neutralize The Bads within the body. Surely, Medical Practitioners also talk of eating healthy, but it is very rare for them to address the elimination half of The Fundamental Truth; there seems to be a silent assumption within the medical community that a patient's body can and will easily eliminate from the body whatever the medicine is meant to neutralize.

Think of your own experiences. Have you ever heard a doctor say anything like, "And, to help your body eliminate the flu bug after this medicine attacks that bad bug, cleanse your kidneys." The quotes are more along the lines of, “And, when this medicine eliminates the flu bug from your body…” as if the medicine itself is responsible for the actual elimination from the body.

Elimination Is Critical, By The Numbers

Let’s highlight, mathematically, how the elimination half of the Fundamental Truth is an absolute necessity. Two sick people, two doctors...

Madonna is very sick, near to death. 100% of the time, Madonna needs to eliminate the sickness from her body in order to stay alive, but history tells us that this particular illness will not be beat 100% of the time. Madonna is being treated by Dr. Genius Greatest-Ever, and Dr. G-E prescribes The Magic Pill to Madonna. Dr. G-E predicts that, with the help of The Magic Pill, Madonna has a 90% chance of staying alive.

Etta is very sick, near to death. 100% of the time, Etta needs to eliminate the sickness from her body to stay alive, but history tells us that this illness will not be beat 100% of the time. Etta is being treated by a Witch Doctor who gives her eye-of-toad to get well. The Witch Doctor predicts that, with the help of eye-of-toad, Etta has a 70% chance of staying alive.

There's clarity in made-up numbers. The 90% and 70% chances of staying alive are predictions. The predictions could have been 3% and 1%. The predictions could have been donkey and whale. The stay-alive-and-return-to-good-health predictions are always exactly that: Predictions.

But, the need-to-eliminate is not a prediction. 100% of the time, the body has to either eliminate the sickness or remain sick. The 100% need to purge the sickness from the body is ALWAYS true no matter what the treatment is, no matter who is giving the treatment, and no matter where & when the treatment is given. 100% of the time, the body has to either purge the sickness or remain sick.

Elimination, restoration, and repair (AKA detoxification) is needed 100% of the time when someone fights an illness or disease, even when being treated by the greatest physicians in the world. Medical professionals should love DetoxifyU because they always need their patients’ organs of elimination to eliminate the sickness, and DetoxifyU aims to help optimize the organs of elimination.

Back To The Fundamental Truth

Let’s reach back to The Fundamental Truth. Getting healthy and staying healthy is very much influenced by what we put into the body (or don't put in) and by what we eliminate from the body (or don't eliminate).

The medical community may not readily use the word detoxification when they speak of getting well or staying healthy, but no matter how educated, decorated, and/or motivated your medical advisor is, there comes a point where your body has to eliminate The Bads, there comes a time to DetoxifyU.

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