What Parts of The Body Detoxify? More Than We Acknowledge

The L Word Needs The D(etoxification) Word

The blood, liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, and heart are all, clearly, critical to the "L" word. Life is the L word. But, why are the body parts in that list life-sustaining? Because they detoxify the body.

Get More Factually Naked

Test yourself: What do your lungs do? "My lungs breathe." Correct, but let's get more naked with our facts: Your lungs eliminate a toxic poison. Carbon dioxide is a poison that will kill if it isn't filtered from the blood and exhaled from the body. It's not typical to think of breathing as detoxification (and poison elimination), but it definitely is.

Wow, naked facts look either fantastic or frightening, depending on your perspective.

Let's get radical and look at naked facts about several more body parts to see how they are all engines of detoxification. No way to label any of the following “most important” because if one of them stops working, we would stop working. We start with the B word to please the influential alphabetical-order lobby.

Everybody’s Buddy: The Blood

Blood is the one and only substance that is a tissue and a fluid, and blood's resume certainly doesn't stop at being one-of-a-kind in the universe.

How does the ear lobe connect with the soles of the feet? The blood. The spleen’s connection to the spine? The blood. This bloody list, mate, could grow to several thousand connections; let’s go for it!

How does oxygen get from the lungs to the cells? Blood.
What is one tissue critical to the body's defense against viruses and pathogens? Blood.
How does plaque get cleared from the arteries? Blood.
How does medication get to where it is aimed? Blood.

Blood transports everything: The Good, The Bad, The Wastes, and The Ugly.

The Good is everything and anything the body must have to stay alive, examples being oxygen and nutrients. The Bad, The Wastes, and The Ugly [hereafter referred to as The Bads] is everything the body cannot use to stay alive: viruses, pathogens, fungi, parasites, cellular waste, etcetera. Unfortunately, The Bads keep coming at us every day by air, by sea, by food, by sneeze.

Cellular Waste is a Bad. Healthy cells, performing exactly as they are meant to, create a toxic cellular waste that must be eliminated from the body or, eventually, that waste would cause illness and death. The blood transports the cellular waste from the cells to the organs of filtering and elimination (AKA organs of elimination): the lungs, kidneys, liver, colon.

You can replace the words "Cellular Waste" with any of The Bads, and the process is the same: transported via the blood > filtered out by the kidneys/liver/lungs > eliminated by the urethra, colon, or mouth > blood re-circulates thru the body > life goes on. That's the way it has to work, or wastes stay in the body and can cause problems with a capital P and that rhymes with B and that stands for Bads.

The organs of filtering and elimination can be compromised by any number of internal toxic barriers, which can result in the Bads staying in the blood as it re-circulates thru the body. DetoxifyU Cycles aim to help optimize the organs of elimination by helping them remove those internal toxic barriers. Removing toxic barriers will, in turn, help the organs better cleanse the blood. The cleaner the blood, the better its capacity to carry The Good to our cells and carry The Bads away from our cells.

Kidneys: Dropping Acid (In The Loo)

The kidneys are the metaphorical party-center of the body: They drop acid, they get stones, if there is alcohol in their vicinity, they are sure to be taking it in (and filtering it out).

Let's focus on the "drop acid.”

Uric Acid is a by-product of natural cell activities. If uric acid is not filtered from the blood by the kidneys, sickness and even death would result. Eureka, urethra, what a party! Sooo much fun to realize your healthy cells produce a poison that can end your existence if your kidneys (or a dialysis machine) do not filter the acid out of the blood.

Common (health) sense says that helping to optimize the kidneys will help them in their never-ending work of filtering Bads from our blood.

Liver: The Protector of the Body

The liver has over 500 functions; let’s narrow our focus to three of its prime directives:

  • 1.) Metabolize nutrients that keep us healthy and alive, then send the nutrients to the body's cells via the bloodstream.
  • 2.) Filter wastes and potential threats (viruses, pathogens, etc.) from the bloodstream, then send the unwanted out of the body via the colon.
  • 3.) As the major organ in the immune system, the liver neutralizes microbial terrorists that come at us by air, water, and food.

To restate, repeat, and reiterate: The Liver sends The Good to the body (via the blood), and, simultaneously, The Liver neutralizes and filters The Bads out of the blood (and sends those Bads out of the body via the colon).

Non-stop, life-enabling work = the liver’s work. A DetoxifyU Liver Cycle = helping cleanse and optimize the liver.

The Colon: Exits Clearly Marked

A shameless butt-plug is not really needed for DetoxifyU’s Colon Cleanse Cycle; few people are likely to claim the colon is not a good place to cleanse. Butt is there any factoid that can justify starting this sentence with a butt?

The colon is the main exit path for toxins filtered out by the liver & gallbladder, and the colon, if clinging to waste that should have been eliminated, can become a contributor to toxicity in the body instead of only functioning as a major eliminator of toxicity.

The Heart: Good For Nothing (Except Pumping The Blood and Making Life Possible)

DetoxifyU is not sure why the assocation between the heart and detoxification is so rarely made when talking of heart health, because the heart’s main function is detoxification.

Please, explain that prognosis, DetoxifyU.

The heart’s only job is to move the blood. This may seem too simplified an explanation, given the amount of publicity the heart gets, but pumping the blood is the heart’s main purpose. The blood moves through the body or the body dies. Since the heart is the only engine that moves the blood (and the blood is critical to detoxification), the heart is, in a very straightforward way, an engine of detoxification.

The need for heart health is an awareness nearly every adult human has because the heart is the golden child of the body. It helps the heart's publicity because, metaphorically, the heart is the center of love, and love makes the world go round. But, physical exercise is also often described in heart-centric terms. "Did some cardio today." Cardiovascular is the full word. Vascular is the part that carries the blood. "Did some detoxification pump work today" would be just as accurate and more informative.

Organ Jealousy

The blood, kidneys, liver, and colon are miffed; for thousands of years they have been doing a lot of work keeping humans alive, but the heart repeatedly gets all the poems and songs. All the heart does is beat! Pump, pump, pump the blood: A one-trick organ, and, yet, the heart gets all the accolades.

"You're in my liver, you're in my soul. You'll be my breath should I grow old." -- not Rod Stewart

"Don't go breaking my blood, I couldn't if I tried" -- not Elton John or Kiki Dee

"Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the colon does go on" -- not Celine Dion

Perhaps it's best the heart gets all the songs.

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