Why Detoxify? To Stay Alive.

Let's not be delicate: You detoxify or you die. It's harsh to look at facts that way, but clarity is necessary to fully recognize the importance of detoxification and the necessity of our organs of elimination.

Detoxification keeps us from poisoning ourselves to death with the by-products of being alive. If you do not urinate or never evacuate your bowels or do not exhale carbon dioxide, you will die. This is true of every human being who is now, has been, or will ever be alive.

Thankfully, detoxification is automatic; your body is detoxifying itself every moment of every day. But "automatic" is not the same as optimal. DetoxifyU aims to help the detoxifying processes of the body become more optimal in eliminating that which does not belong in the body.

Detoxification: Keeping the body alive since the dawn of creation. DetoxifyU: Helping detoxification since the dawn of whenever you choose.

Why DetoxifyU?

Remove, repair, and regenerate = detoxification. Eliminate, heal, rejuvenate = detoxification.

Detoxification is automatic. So, why DetoxifyU? All suggestions within DetoxifyU are aimed at helping improve detoxification in whatever ways we can. We proactively try to help cleanse & optimize the major organs of elimination (colon, kidneys, and liver), which, in turn, helps cleanse the body's major fluids of elimination (blood, blood, and blood).

"DetoxifyU Cycles try to help optimize the organs of elimination." - DetoxifyU, about 234 times throughout the DetoxifyU writs of habeus detoxifus.

"Sorry, I can't have a piece of that birthday cake, I'm trying to optimize an organ of elimination.” - Party-Goer with awkward timing.

DetoxifyU Cycles: The Pursuit of Healthiness

Is "Cycle" just a badly spelled version of cleanse?

A DetoxifyU "Cycle" is a cleanse, but Cycles are more ambitious (and effective) than drinking a few servings of ginger-apple-pear juice. A DetoxifyU Cycle is a way to organize the ingestion of specific foods, liquids, and herbs into either:

  • 1.) A multi-day focus on trying to optimize a particular organ (colon, kidneys, liver, liver/gallbladder); or
  • 2.) A multi-day focus on helping the body eliminate a specific category of troublesome toxins such as parasites or heavy metals.

Good Health Sense

When one tries to help the body with its non-stop detoxification (whether through DetoxifyU Cycles or some other means), the goal is always the same: Eliminate from the body that which does not belong in the body, and eliminate it as completely as possible. That just makes good health sense, and DetoxifyU is about good health sense.

Detoxification: Actively keeping us alive by eliminating toxins. DetoxifyU.com: Proactively helping optimize the organs of elimination.

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