A New Law For Health and Healing

The “Law of 100% Internal Energy” presented by DetoxifyU

Rise up, Newton, DetoxifyU has a new law for you to gravitate to.

Digest less, detoxify more.  That’s it.  In four words, that is the “Law of 100% Internal Energy.” Spread the four words! There is a reason DetoxifyU calls this a Law: Like the Law of Gravity, it is impossible for anyone to avoid or disobey the Law of 100% Internal Energy.

The following proof of the law is quite a bit lengthier than four words, but no matter how many words are used, the Law always circles back to the same conclusion: Digest less, detoxify more.

Law of 100% Internal Energy :: Proof of Concept?

Medical writings by medical professionals fill multiple thick volumes to explain how the body works. DetoxifyU is not a medical professional. DetoxifyU is a medical commoner. DetoxifyU does not have reams of research behind the Law of 100% Internal Energy; to prove The Law, DetoxifyU will lay out logical conclusions based on biological facts and simple mathematics.

The Law of 100% Internal Energy does not attempt to address the body’s myriad complexities, this Law only tries to promote a singular point: The less we digest, the more we detoxify.

Blood Moves

Blood is the critical link to all detoxification within the body.

The blood is unique within the array of detoxifying organs and fluids in several ways, but the unique aspect most important to the Law of 100% Internal Energy is that blood moves.

We are all clear on the fact blood moves through our veins and arteries, keeping us alive. Another facet of the blood’s mobility: The blood’s volume within parts of the body can change, moment to moment.

Everyone has experienced tingling in a foot when it “falls asleep,” or the occasional dizziness when standing up; both are due to blood changing volume in parts of the body. Frost bite is an extreme example to illustrate blood’s mobility. When Icepick Alice suffers frost bite in her fingers – meaning when the tissue in Alice’s fingers dies from lack of blood flow -- the overall volume of blood in Alice’s body stayed the same, but most of Alice’s blood moved to her body’s core to keep her alive. Alice can no longer make a peace sign, but she is alive because the mobile blood flowed to her core, where it was needed most.

The ability of blood to quickly change volume within different parts of the body, to go where it is needed most, is critical to the Law of 100% Internal Energy.

Only One Number: 100%

A typical adult female has about 10 pints [4.7L] of blood, the typical male has about 11 pints [5.2L]. Interesting numbers, now throw them out the window because the Law of 100% Internal Energy only requires us to deal with one number: 100%.

100% is the only number we need in order to accurately describe the amount of blood in the body, and, likewise, 100% is the only number we need for the body’s amount of Internal Energy.

Multi-Layered Logic To Support the Law of 100% Internal Energy

Naming What Medical Literature (Allegedly) Does Not:
Is there any doubt energy is constantly at work in our bodies? Yet, from what DetoxifyU can gather, most medical literature (particularly Western Medicine’s) does not even name our energies, much less try to quantify them. DetoxifyU is not medical literature.

To illustrate The Law, DetoxifyU has unilaterally named two broad categories of energies that the body utilizes: Internal Energy and Dynamic Energy. We also assert that the category we call Internal Energy has two and only two forms: Digestion Energy and Detoxification Energy.

Assertions 1 & 1a of 2:

    1.) "Digestion Energy" is the energy it takes for the digestive tract to process a food or liquid; digestive processes are what changes a food/liquid from the form it had before it entered the mouth to the form it must become in order for the body to utilize it. The digestion process clearly requires energy, therefore we call it Digestion Energy.
    1a.) "Detoxification Energy" is the energy it takes to perform every other process going on in the body; "every other" meaning every process other than digestion. The heartbeat, the blood flowing, the lungs breathing, blood interacting with cells… all of it is part of detoxification, all of it requires energy, and, therefore, we call it Detoxification Energy.

Assertions 2 & 2a of 2:

  • 2.) Internal Energy totals 100%, 100% of the time.
  • 2a.) 100% of our Internal Energy is utilized 100% of the time.

Clear Thinking Required, 1 of 2:
"Assertion 2a" (100% of Internal Energy is used 100% of the time) is a seeming mathematical quandary; let's solve the quandary with cool reasoning.

In our smart phone / Amazon Kindle / iPad world, our brains often quantify amounts of energy as either 100% or less than 100%, but that thought process is wrong due to the laws of physics.

Physics Refresher: The laws of physics say that when energy is expended, 100% of that energy still exists, but, after use, the energy exists in different forms. When your phone’s battery shows less than 100%, it's because the battery’s energy was converted to other forms of energy such as light or heat (or Zoom or Facebook). If we would add the energies of the battery, light, & heat, the total would still be 100%. So, all the energy is there 100% of the time, but it is utilized in different forms.

The Law of 100% Internal Energy follows the laws of physics, but Internal Energy has only two possible forms: Digestion Energy or Detoxification Energy. In any given moment, whatever Internal Energy is not in use in one form has to be in use in the other.

The Math of Internal Energy
100% used, 100% of the time = Easy math.

  • If digestion needs 85% of your Internal Energy, detoxification gets 15%. This is as if you just ate a multi-course turkey meal.
  • If digestion needs 50% of your Internal Energy, detoxification gets 50%; as if you had a salad with dressing, a few strips of chicken, and a slice of cheesecake.
  • If digestion needs 15% of your Internal Energy, detoxification gets 85%; as if you had a vegan chocolate smoothie.
  • If digestion needs 1%, then detoxification gets 99%; as if you are sleeping, two hours after merely drinking apple juice you made with your own extractor.

Clear Thinking Required, 2 of 2:
Welcome back to the party, Dynamic Energy.

Internal Energy must be seen as completely different than Dynamic Energy. Dynamic Energy has internal machinations, but Dynamic Energy is not Internal Energy, and Dynamic Energy has no influence whatsover on the Law of 100% Internal Energy.

Dynamic Energy is the energy used in physical activity. Picking up a book? Reading a book? Throwing a book across a room? All require Dynamic Energy, not Internal Energy. How about “I feel super-duper peppy”? Dynamic Energy, not Internal Energy. How about your eye roll when someone says "super-duper peppy"? The eye roll uses Dynamic Energy. We could make a list of billions of actions (or states-of-being), and all of them would be Dynamic Energy, not Internal Energy; because Internal Energy is used in only two ways: Digestion or Detoxification.

Dynamic Energy is used in physical activity, and, therefore, we never use 100% of our Dynamic Energy; if we would use 100% of our Dynamic Energy, we would collapse in a heap, not able to move an inch. Internal Energy, on the other hand, is 100% in use, 100% of the time.

The Mind of Wrap
To reiterate: There is never even one millisecond in any of our lives, ever, where the body utilizes less than 100% of the Internal Energy available; the body never puts even 0.00003% of our Internal Energy aside for later. The body utilizes 100% of our Internal Energy, 100% of the time, through either Digestion or Detoxification.

Wrap your mind around this: Never even one moment, in anyone’s life, ever. If you think about that for only one moment, you will have thought about that more than the total amount of time all human beings, through all of history, didn't utilize 100% of their Internal Energy for either Digestion or Detoxification.

Question 1:
Does the overall amount of Internal Energy fluctuate as you move through your day?

Answer to Question 1:
Doesn't matter. The overall amount of Internal Energy does not matter to The Law; the Law of 100% Internal Energy holds true if there are 1,000,000 bits of Internal Energy available or if there are only 12 bits of Internal Energy available. No matter how much there is overall, 100% of it is used, 100% of the time.

Question 2 of 2:
Blood is critical to detoxification. Is blood also involved in digestion?

Answer to Question 2 of 2:
Absolutely! DetoxifyU was really hoping you would ask about the interaction between blood and digestion because that interaction is at the center of The Law of 100% Internal Energy.

Blood’s Role in Digestion is The Crux of The Law of 100% Internal Energy

Digestion is a very blood-intensive process, meaning that when our body digests food or liquid, blood is drawn to the parts of the body that handle digestion. Blood never comes into direct contact with the food/liquid during digestion, but the body parts that are responsible for digestion draw blood to themselves, to enable their digestive work.

The blood/digestion interaction goes roughly like this:

  • The more food & liquid there is to digest, the more blood is needed in the digestive process. A lobster dinner requires more blood than a blended smoothie.
  • The more complex the food or liquid, the more blood is needed in the digestive process. A bite of a chocolate bar requires more blood than a spoonful of maple syrup because the chocolate is a highly processed solid, while maple syrup is a lightly processed liquid.

The blood/digestion interaction pulls the curtain open on The Law of 100% Internal Energy. Digest less, detoxify more... because of the blood! The Law could certainly be called "The Law of Where The Blood Is Needed."

Like anything made up of molecules, the same blood cannot be in two places at once. The less time the blood spends on digestion, the more time that blood can be utilized in detoxification. Digest less, detoxify more because “less to digest” requires that less blood be pulled away from the non-stop work of detoxification to do the temporary work of digestion.

A Critical Difference :: We Are The Plot Twist

We can exercise a lot of control in the “digest less, detoxify more” equation.

How so?

Digestion is a fantastic anomaly in the realm of internal processes because we can dictate our digestion on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis.  We dictate ingestion, and, therefore, we dictate most variables of digestion such as when, how frequently, how much volume, what kinds of foods & liquids & herbs & substances.

We cannot assert as much control over other internal body functions (heartbeat, blood to cells, cerebrospinal fluid activity, etc.), but digestion (vis-à-vis ingestion) is mostly controlled by our own will and actions and hands and mouth. That is the twist in this plot: The Law of 100% Internal Energy is, mostly, controlled by us.

The importance of this big plot twist seems obvious. We control digestion, so we also can directly influence our body’s detoxification.

(A Couple) Practical Applications of The Law of 100% Internal Energy

If you are going on a cross-country flight, you can give your digestive tract a break by only ingesting juices and/or smoothies the day before your flight so your Detoxification Energy is boosted. If your body is using less Internal Energy for digestion, your detoxification will automatically increase, which means your immune system will get a bit of a boost. Maybe the boost to your immune system will be all you need to keep from catching something during your travels.

If you have a broken femur and you are relegated to bed for several months, instead of eating large meals or highly processed foods (junk food, et. al), a steady diet of extracted juices and blended smoothies is likely to increase your healing powers, because to digest less is to repair, remove, and rejuvenate – detoxify - more.

The Law in Review

Every moment of every day, 100% of your Internal Energy is split between Digestion and Detoxification. Whatever Internal Energy is not being used for Digestion, our amazing body immediately puts to use on Detoxification, AKA elimination, restoration, and repair.

You can definitely influence your body’s detoxification without ever doing a DetoxifyU Cycle or any other kind of regimen. If you reduce the amount of Internal Energy your body expends on digestion, then you automatically increase the amount of Internal Energy being utilized for your body's detoxification.

That's The Law.

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