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Feeling Ill?

An equation:

  • A = Illness must be eliminated from the body.
  • B = Detoxification is a catch-all term for elimination of things from the body.
  • (A + B) = The ill must detoxify.

It is a true and obvious equation, and, yet, when ill, you most likely will not hear “elimination,” “detoxify,” or “detoxification” said by medical professionals or family members or well-meaning friends because detoxification typically does not enter conversation.

Get well, get back on one's feet, recover, recuperate… no matter the descriptive verbiage thrown around, successfully going from sickness to good health requires elimination of the cause(s) of the illness. The elimination of anything from the body requires the tissues and organs of elimination to function, and, hopefully, function with clean efficiency.

Call it bouncing back or turning the corner or making a comeback: Elimination of an illness from the body requires elimination, and elimination of anything from the body requires detoxification.

Medication and Tiny Handcuffs?

“The sick need to detoxify.” That seems completely logical (and, admittedly, conveniently self-promotional here in the middle of DetoxifyU). Let’s dive in to more logic and reasoning, to see if we can belabor the point that elimination of sickness is what cures the ill.

Let's talk medicine. Most of us can agree that the correct medicine ingested or injected at the right time, in the proper dosage, can often help the ill.

Let’s assume an ill person has ingested the greatest medicine in the universe, and that greatest medicine has been 100% effective and completely destroyed the sickness in the body. Now what? That greatest medicine does not put the illness in tiny handcuffs and walk the illness out of the body. The organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, colon, lungs, skin) ALWAYS must do the literal eliminating.

Medicines are agents intended to destroy or alleviate or neutralize an illness, medicines do not actually eliminate the illness from the body. Medicine needs detoxification to carry out the elimination.

DetoxifyU Cycles do not mention medicines or get into any sort of medical recommendations, we only talk foods & liquids & some herbs. But, whether ingesting medicines or ingesting only liquids & foods, the goal is the same: Sickness-exiting-body, and the only way to exit anything from the body is via the body’s organs (and orifices) of elimination.

Best-to-Worst, Part 1 of 3 :: About Tar and Feathers

As mentioned in another DetoxifyU Theory: In any utilization of a material or in any performance of an activity, there is always a legitimate best-to-worst ranking. Bleach is among the best for getting your white shirts white, tar is among the worst. A hammer is among the best at putting a nail through a board, a feather is among the worst.

Feeling sick or have aches & pains? Detoxification is among the best at eliminating from the body that which does not belong in the body. Everything else is among the worst, since detoxification is the only process that eliminates from the body that which does not belong in the body. In any quest to return to health, whatever treatment is applied – medicine, voodoo, soda & pretzels – the actual removal of whatever ails you has to involve detoxification and one or all of the organs of elimination (blood, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, colon).

Best-to-Worst, Part 2 of 3 :: Ingestion

If we consider what to ingest for purposes of improving detoxification, the aforementioned best-to-worst concept certainly applies.

Let’s keep our focus on the sick in order to find our way to health: We can all agree that hospitals are tasked with helping patients get well, and we can all agree that hospital patients are more likely to be fed with an IV drip than fed a four-course turkey dinner.

The medical establishment’s proclivity for feeding the ill and bed-ridden with IV drips allows us to put together a logical list for helping repair and rejuvenate [detoxify] vis-à-vis ingestion.

Ingestion-for-recovery, from best to worst: IV drip, water, extracted juices, blended smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables, processed fruits and vegetables, breads & cereals, lean meats, Spam, gravel, brick, hubcap, anvil.

[DetoxifyU sees the IV drip as explicit and implicit proof that doctors, nurses, and health professionals around the world already push detoxification as a critical factor in the pursuit of good health. But, for some reason that DetoxifyU cannot quite explain, the word “detoxification” is rarely uttered by the medical community.]

By extrapolating from the IV drip through to the anvil, a time-honored logic appears: Those who are ill, to get well faster, should ingest less so the body has to digest less. We mostly know this, as a human race. “Drink lots of liquids” has been get-well advice for centuries. We also know that our bodies, when sick, sometimes do not give us a choice in the how-much-do-I-ingest dilemma because when too much goes in, the body empties out via vomiting or diarrhea.

DetoxifyU claims here (and here) that ingesting less and digesting less allows a greater degree of detoxification to happen throughout the body, thus increasing the chances a virus/pathogen will be neutralized & eliminated before sickness can fully debilitate the body. Feel sickness coming on? Hijack an ambulance and stick an IV in your arm. Or, drink extracted juices to give the body needed nutrients while minimizing the need for digestion.

Best-to-Worst, Part 3 of 3 :: Foods & Liquids For Specific Organs

DetoxifyU repeatedly suggests – in DetoxifyU Cycles and writings-- that those who are healthy can help maintain health and wellness by following the same logic as the sick: Ingest less and digest less to allow the body to purge that which causes illness or disease; ingest less and digest less to allow the body to remove, repair, and rejuvenate.

If it is agreed that the form (IV drip, juice, blended, solid) of a meal is a contributing factor to how the body detoxifies, then it seems likely the actual foods or liquids ingested are also important.

Reprising the best-to-worst logic: drinking water is better for the health of the kidneys than drinking mercury. Eating red beets is better for the liver than eating a radioactive pellet. It stands to reason that all foods and liquids fall somewhere along a best-to-worst extrapolation, so, the idea is to ingest those liquids & foods that are best at helping specific organs perform their functions, and to avoid the liquids & foods that are not helpful.

DetoxifyU Cycles and recipes are, essentially, a collection of those liquids and foods we feel are best to cleanse a targeted organ.

The Final Word: Your Judgment

As with anything and everything in DetoxifyU, you will use your judgment as to what is best or worst when you or a loved one is ill, but if the words herein keep just one person from taking a four-course turkey dinner with a glass of mercury to a hospitalized loved one, then this has been a success.

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