Who Detoxifies?

You Detoxify Every Moment of Every Day, For Your Entire Life

ALL CAPS in boldface are usually not welcome, but there has to be times they are appropriate; this seems to be one of those times:


Proof? Exhaling CO2. More proof? Your liver and kidneys constantly cleanse your blood. Exhaling carbon dioxide and cleansing of the blood are two forms of detoxification.

What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a catch-all term for the automatic processes whereby the body eliminates from the body that which does not belong in the body.

When detoxifying, you're getting rid of your viruses, pathogens, bad bacteria, filthy fungi, carbon dioxide, cellular waste, diseased cells, dead cells, parasites, heavy metals, scar tissue, and environmental poisons. Out! Get it all out (via detoxification, since detoxification is the only way to get it all out)!

Publicity Void

We must detoxify or we die, and, yet, our species has far more conversations and shared knowledge on at least a hundred thousand other subjects. A short list to punctuate the point: Star Wars, Taylor Swift, the New York Yankees, Grand Theft Auto, Mars, cars, liquors, Snickers. Detoxification, as a conversation topic, falls far behind every item on this list and several thousand more we could easily enumerate. "I love Adele! Her voice inspires me!" Adele needs her internal organs to properly cleanse her blood, as does your inspired self.

We can all agree that detoxification is not only a non-starter in pop culture, but detoxification, overall, has a lousy publicity department.

100% of the population must detoxify or die. 0% of the population must eat Oreo cookies to survive. But, if you talk to people about detoxification, many folks in the population will look at you as if you are a weirdo trying to promote a cult. On the other hand, talk to folks about eating an Oreo cookie, 50% of the population will have a strong opinion on whether to eat the filling first, 48% will have a somewhat strong opinion, and 2% will look at you as if you are an Oreo cookie. The Oreo* cookie has been very successfully publicized.

DetoxifyU has a fantasy that, someday, 50% of the population will have a strong opinion on the best way to cleanse a liver.

*Oreo is a trademark of Nabisco. Oreos are not recommended for detoxification, teeth, or ingestion by anyone who wants to avoid titanium dioxide (a whitening agent).

Billions of Times

In the few minutes it took to read this, you (and every other person on the planet) detoxified non-stop in billions of incidents throughout your body. And, your body must continue to detoxify every moment of every day for the rest of your life.

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