Meathead(s) vs. DetoxifyU

Meat-Fueled Denial

Behold! Meat! Who be holding meat? A Meathead. Who be a toxin denier? Often, a Meathead.

Meathead's Folly

An A-list of body parts responsible for life and the pursuit of healthiness: blood, colon, kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs. A primary function of each of these tissues and organs is detoxification. With all these famous body parts working non-stop to detoxify each of us, it seems illogical for someone to mock healthy attempts to improve detoxification. Yet, mockers are rampant.

Some Mockers like to poke fun at those of us who strive to help the body cleanse. Fine. They can metaphorically poke. But, alas, some Mockers talk like toxins are imaginary creations of hippies. Not fine. Make fun, Mocker, but don't make folly.

One prominent mocker: the Meathead.

Meathead says, "You're the folly. You try to scare us with toxic boogeymen that don’t even exist."

Toxins don't exist? Then sew up your anus and cauterize your urethra, since you do not need them for toxin disposal. Tape your mouth and nose shut, since you must not have any toxins to exhale. Or, Meathead, can we agree that urine, fecal matter, and CO2 are all toxins, and great woe will befall those who do not eliminate them?

Meathead chews on that, but says nothing.

Putting Meatheads Thru The Grinder of Logic

DetoxifyU is neither anti-meat nor anti-Meathead. Even though it would be fair to have a bone to pick with those who blather falsehoods, DetoxifyU feels a logical dismantling of Meatheads’ claims is much more productive than beefing with beef eaters.

The following are Meathead statements in regard to efforts to improve detoxification; these are real (paraphrased) quotes from real (parasited) Meatheads.


Meathead says, “My doctor tells me detoxification is automatic, my body is designed to get rid of stuff on its own.”     /     DetoxifyU nods in agreement.     /     Meathead smirks, “So, you’re wasting your time doing a Kidney Cycle or whatever hoity-toity name you call it.”     /     DetoxifyU says, “You, apparently, never use toilet paper.”     /     “Huh?”     /     DetoxifyU says, “Do you forego bathrooms, let your colon automatically purge whenever it wants, and live with the less-than-optimal result of excrement filling your pants? No. When you have to expel waste, you proactively find a bathroom, you proactively help your sphincter by pushing waste out, and you proactively use toilet paper to optimize a cleaning of your exterior anus."     /     Meathead nods.     /     DetoxifyU says, "Similarly, we could let the body automatically purge toxins and live with the less-than-optimal results, or we could proactively utilize DetoxifyU Cycles as a way to help optimize the organs of elimination and improve the results of our body's non-stop purging of wastes.”     /     Meathead says nothing.     /     DetoxifyU continues, “And to those who talk like it is an airy-fairy pursuit to try and help the body purge toxins: Have a bite of reality. Trying to help the body with the work of detoxification is not snooty or esoteric; helping the body improve detoxification is about trying to sustain a wealth-of-health.”     /     Meathead nods again, "Some people eat kangaroo anus."


Meathead says, “You can't show me a chemical formula for a toxin because there is no such thing as a formula for a toxin.”     /     DetoxifyU says, “Point to your body. No, that’s your arm. No, that’s your chest. Point to your body. No, that’s your thigh. No, that’s your middle finger.”     /     Meathead says, “It’s all part of my body!”     /     “Yes, exactly. We all understand that the "body" is a catch-all term for a list of individual parts. And, most of us understand that "toxins" is a catch-all term for a list of individual toxic bits such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, poisons, heavy metals, parasites, and cellular waste.”


Meathead says, “You think everything is toxic.”     /     DetoxifyU says, “I believe most foods, liquids, and air contain at least a few molecules I would rather not have in my body.”     /     Meathead grins, “So crawl inside your hermetically sealed bubble.”     /     “I hope we can agree that most foods and liquids are not delivered by angels, and the air we breathe isn't purified by gods.”     /     Meathead looks perplexed.     /     DetoxifyU says, "Mankind continues to belch impurities into food, water, and air, just as we have for thousands of years. The pace with which we pump impurities into the world has increased in recent decades; DetoxifyU tries to help the body be more efficient & optimized as it filters and expels those impurities."     /     Meathead shakes his head in disagreement.     /     DetoxifyU goes for a foolproof explanation, “Every healthy cell in every body produces waste that must be eliminated from the body. No matter what you believe about toxins in the food supply or toxicity in the environment, every cell of every living being produces biological waste simply by working correctly. Your body has to purge cellular (biological) waste to stay alive; DetoxifyU aims to help optimize the parts of the body that must purge biological waste.”     /     Meathead says, “You know, you refer to yourself in third person. I’d rather talk to the other two persons.”


Meathead says, “Food is food. The best greens are paper bills, and you are wasting bills on organics.”     /     DetoxifyU thanks the Meathead for considering the bottom line and then says, “DetoxifyU does recommend trying to ingest fewer toxins to help prevent toxic build-up. When economical and convenient, it makes sense to eat fresh organic foods and drink purified water. But, to be very clear: DetoxifyU does not require organic vegetables and/or organic fruits, especially if the budget cannot comfortably handle the added expense. A critical factor in improving detoxification is eating fruits & vegetables & leafy greens; organic labels are merely a luxury.”     /     Meathead says, “A ha!”     /     DetoxifyU says, “You are right, Meathead. Don’t put money into organics if you can’t afford them; but non-organic fruits and vegetables and greens are certainly affordable to all.”     /     Meathead says, "So, don’t even mention organics, DetoxifyGoof, you just admitted they are a waste."     /     DetoxifyU says, “Would you want to eat a chicken raised in a coal mine? How about a turkey breast basted in turpentine? No? So, why is it a stretch for you to grasp that we would rather eat vegetables that are grown without synthetic fertilizers and ingest fruits that are grown without chemical sprays?”     /     Meathead says, “I only stretch to reach the gravy.”


Meathead, while grilling, says, “Smell that, are you going to tell me this prime cut doesn’t smell good?”     /     DetoxifyU says, “It smells great, looks delicious.”     /     Meathead says, "Aren’t you going to try to ruin it for me with toxin terror?”     /     “No," DetoxiyU pops a bit of steak in and savors the taste, "You can certainly eat meat and, simultaneously, improve detoxification. A Heavy Metal Cycle even requires ingestion of meat for maximum effectiveness.”     /     Meathead says, “I accept your apology.”

Live It Up :: Fully Aware

DetoxifyU has no interest in taking joy out of smells, tastes, textures, and sensations of food. We should all enjoy foods and beverages in whatever ways we want. At the same time, it seems useful and healthy to recognize the fact that we ingest and inhale toxins, even if we are very careful.

The unavoidable nature of toxicity only serves to highlight the usefulness of proactively trying to help the body with the never-ending processes that filter out and eliminate whatever toxins get in.

Meathead takes a bite of the steak. Thank you, Meathead, for being a wonderful opposition force. You go your way (diabetes, high cholesterol, colitis), we'll go ours.

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