To Battle Cancer, You Must Detoxify

****DetoxifyU does not claim to have any kind of cure for any kind of cancer. The ideas presented herein are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical treatment.****

Without A Doubt, We Want It Out

Let's step out on a limb and theorize that DetoxifyU Cycles can:

  • 1.) Help treat cancer
  • 2.) Help prevent cancer

Why does DetoxifyU dare float this thought-bubble? Because common sense progressions are believable. Why are we standing in a tree, on a limb, to ponder such thoughts? To keep the raucous opposition crowd from popping the thought-bubble before it has a moment to hang in the air.

Smarter Than DetoxifyU

How can we get cancer out of the body? Dozens of companies & research foundations with thousands of highly-educated scientists have been paid many hundreds of millions of dollars during decades of research to try to answer the question, "How can we get cancer out of the body?" So, what are the chances the non-doctor, non-oncologist, blue collar DetoxifyU can answer the question for free? That’s a trick question. The chances are 100% that DetoxifyU can answer any question for free.

In this theory, DetoxifyU will try to prove, with logical progressions of general knowledge, that DetoxifyU Cycles can help the body in any fight against cancer. It is at this point, standing in a tree, that we must remind ourselves of the DetoxifyU "Declaration of Non-Medicalness":

DetoxifyU is not medical advice. is not written by medical professionals; all words herein are borne of belief and opinion, and the opinions are not built on scientific experimentation, they are built on reading, logic, and personal experimentation.

DetoxifyU Helps Cure Cancer

We should all agree the following is true: To survive we must eliminate deadly poisons from the body. What eliminates the deadly poisons? The body. The body must eliminate from the body that which does not belong in the body.

CO2 does not belong in the body. We exhale CO2 to get it out of the body. PE2 does not belong in the body. We urinate PE2 to get it out of the body. Cancer does not belong in the body. How do we get cancer out of the body? Surely, the organs of detoxification and elimination are needed to get cancer out of the body.

There is not a credible way to dispute the following:

  • Fact 1: Detoxification removes, from the body, that which does not belong in the body.
  • Fact 2: Cancerous cells and cancer-causing agents do not belong in the body.
  • Conclusion: Detoxification is required to remove cancerous cells and cancer-causing agents from the body.

This leaves only one real question in regard to whether DetoxifyU Cycles can help prevent and treat cancer: Do DetoxifyU Cycles help detoxification? If DetoxifyU Cycles help the body with detoxification, then DetoxifyU Cycles can, in some way, help prevent and/or treat cancer.

Wait, a minute. Obviously, DetoxifyU believes DetoxifyU helps the body with detoxification. So, to try to answer whether or not DetoxifyU Cycles can help prevent and treat cancer, let’s focus on cancer, without our opinions in the discussion.

Exit stage left, DetoxifyU.

One Cancer Cell Is Too Many

Let's hash out some theoretical cancer situations:

Situation #1:
Bonnie has one cancerous cell in her body; any damaging cancer starts as a single cancerous cell. Bonnie's one cancerous cell will likely try to multiply into many cancerous cells. Bonnie is not currently being advised by a doctor or oncologist [cancer doctor] because Bonnie does not know she has one cancerous cell.

What parts of Bonnie's body can possibly remove that one cancerous cell before it multiplies? Her hands? Her teeth? Her blood and organs of elimination? Yes, the blood working together with the organs of elimination must remove the cancerous cell from Bonnie's body. There simply is no other alternative.

Bonnie would certainly benefit if her blood, liver, and kidneys could remove her one cancerous cell before it multiplies into many cancerous cells. If Bonnie can somehow optimize her organs of elimination and, by extension, cleanse her blood, the optimization can only improve the chances that the one cancerous cell gets removed from her body before the cell multiplies and severe damage is done.

Situation #2:
Clyde knows he has a cancerous tumor in his throat, and Clyde is being treated by The #1 Greatest Superstar Oncologist.

To keep the cancerous tumor from destroying Clyde, Clyde and the Superstar Oncologist use all manners of modern medicine and technology to neutralize the cancer. Clyde and the oncologist succeed! The medical treatment is neutralizing (killing) the cancer cells in Clyde’s tumor! Now, how will Clyde get those dead cancer cells out of his body? His hands? His teeth? The oncologist’s hands or teeth? The answer is via Clyde’s blood working together with his organs of elimination. There simply is no other alernative.

We can all agree that killing Clyde's cancer cells is a critical step, but the dead cancer cells have to be removed from the body by the body, and that removal process is detoxification… blood transports the dead cells to the liver and kidneys, the liver and kidneys filter out the dead cells, and the colon or urethra pushes the dead cells out of the body.

Even though Clyde is being treated by the #1 Greatest Superstar Oncologist and Clyde's cancer treatment is going super-perfect, Clyde still needs his blood and his organs of elimination to remove the dead cancer cells from his body. There simply is no other alternative.

Quite clearly, the organs of elimination are critical for removing cancer from the body, whether the cancerous cells are active & very dangerous or the cancerous cells have been neutralized & are less dangerous.

End of theoretical situations, starring Bonnie, Clyde, and the #1 Superstar Oncologist.

Back To The Question

So, what can humans do to help the organs of elimination eliminate cancerous cells?

Re-enter DetoxifyU to center stage.

DetoxifyU believes that DetoxifyU Cycles help optimize the organs of elimination, and, therefore, DetoxifyU Cycles can help the body eliminate any actively dangerous or formerly dangerous cells that do not belong in the body.

Again, a re-iteration of the re-iteration: DetoxifyU does not claim to have a cure for cancer or a prevention for cancer. DetoxifyU only claims to believe that DetoxifyU Cycles can help optimize the organs of elimination, and that the organs of elimination are critical to removing cancerous cells.

A Wish For Science

DetoxifyU wishes there were scientific studies to support the opinion that optimizing the organs of elimination is a great step in any fight to prevent & treat cancer and all disease.

Unfortunately, with the (hundreds of) millions of dollars donated to organizations and scientists who want to “find the cure” or “cure cancer,” there do not seem to be researchers who aspire to “find the best way to optimize the organs of elimination,” even though elimination is a critical part of eliminating cancer. If there is formal medical research -- completed, in progress, or in planning -- on how to optimize elimination, DetoxifyU has no knowledge of that research.

DetoxifyU has done self-financed, all practical, non-laboratory, non-scientific information gathering, and is the results of my non-scientific research. Science is great, but if science does not conduct the formal research necessary, that shouldn't keep us from doing our own research and drawing conclusions based on logic.

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